Secondary education

The success of John Talabot School lies in its ability to identify the strengths and challenges faced by every pupil and to offer the necessary personalised support to enable each child to exceed expectations.

Compulsory Secondary Education will contribute to the development of abilities and skills that will allow the students to:


Students with values

Assume the responsibility of their duties and exercise their rights with regards to others, understand the value of dialogue, of cooperation, of solidarity, of respect of human rights as basic values in a democratic society


Responsible Students

Develop and consolidate habits like effort, studying hard, individual and group work, and discipline as a fundamental basis for effective learning and to achieve balanced personal development


Respectful Students

Value and respect gender differences and equal rights and opportunities between them. Reject any kind of stereotypes that might cause discrimination between men and women


Responsive Students

Reinforce the affective capacity in all personality areas and in relation to others; reject violence, prejudice of any kind, sexist behaviour; resolve conflicts in a peaceful way


Trilingual Students

Understand and be able to express themselves appropriately in one or more foreign languages


Entrepreneurial Students

Develop the entrepreneurial spirit, self-confidence, participation, critical views, personal initiative and a capacity to learn to learn, plan, make decisions and take on responsibilities


Cultured Students

Know, appreciate and respect basic values of their own system of beliefs that of other cultures, and respect artistic and cultural heritage


Students with Identity

Identify as their own the historical and cultural characteristics of Catalan society


Students that Read

Consolidate reading and emphatic communication habits in our three languages, English, Catalan and Spanish. Initiate themselves in the knowing, reading and studying of literature


Critical Students

Develop basic skills with regards to different information sources, focusing especially on technology in order to know how to select, organise and interpret information critically


Analytical Students

Understand that scientific knowledge is an intertwined knowledge with its different disciplines. Apply scientific methods to identify different problems


Sporty Students

Know and understand how the body works, reinforce healthy habits and incorporate physical activity and sport into daily life to help towards personal and social development


Receptive Students

Enjoy and respect artistic creativity and understand the language of the different artistic forms and use different means of expression and representation


Environmentally conscious students

To critically weigh social habits related to health, consumerism and the environment, and contribute to the conservation and improvement of our planet


Prepared Students

Acquire basic knowledge that allows the students to exercise professional activity and at the same time facilitates the transition from the world of education to the world of work

What do we require of John Talabot Secondary Students?


To be cordial when speak- ing, make yourself under- stood and heard. This im- plies thinking about what we want to say using always good manners.


We have to be able to look around and understand that we have to look after everything that surrounds us. It’s the fundamental basis of getting along with others and it applies to all aspects of life.


This implies being conscious of the consequences of our actions.


Only with effort can we reach the objectives that we set for ourselves! You have to fight and have will power.


As a fundamental value that has to do with living, behaving and expressing oneself based on the truth. We have to be genuine and transparent.


Indispensable condition in order to learn new things and constantly improve ourselves.


There has to be a relation between what we think, say and do. We have to be exemplary.


We must help each other spontaneously, even with the smallest details. We have to be generous.


Knowing how to put everything in its place will help us to move forward and to grow.


We have to be capable of facing difficult situations with a positive attitude and with dialogue, persever- ance, trusting in our effort and asking for help when necessary.

Secondary key strengths

The emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of our students are met in an integrated learning format.

Psycho-pedagogical and guidance department

Strong Tutorial Action Plan

Cambridge exams

Performing arts

Oral skills

TEI – Peer Tutoring Programme – Anti Bullying Education

Educating in Agenda 2030

Committed students school commissions

Solid health and PE program

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