Preschool education

Preschool education at John Talabot offers a stimulating and safe environment where we aim children to explore, create, think, question, thereby helping them navigate the journey of learning.

We will share with them in the joy of growing and developing their own abilities and capabilities.

Our Preschool Project is based on the following principles and abilities:


Integral education

Personal, emotional and academic, beginning in early years.


Full immersion in English, Catalan and Spanish

Starting in the first year of preschool


International team

Our team of teachers care for, protect and educate each child with the cultural richness that an international community offers.


Personalized attention

In an environment designed for children, we accompany them creating a close bond between student-school-family


We understand diversity

Tending to all personality dimensions and talents that make children unique


We impart universal values

Creating a peaceful environment while simultaneously boosting self-esteem


Educational setting

Stimulating innate curiosity and fostering inquiry, discovery and experimentation


Language development

Knowledge of oral communication and writing skills in English, Catalan, Spanish and mathematical and musical language


Social skills

Consolidating the skills and social norms that will allow for better relationships both in and out of the educational environment


Development of motor skills

To strengthen their physical and emotional health


Development of artistic expression

Through experiences that enrich and inspire while making use of different resources and creative techniques


Environmental sensitivity

With love, patience, perseverance, and respect we discover natural processes in our vegetable patch

Preschool key strengths

Two teachers / group

Project based learning PBS

Beautiful natural outdoor space and vegetable patch

Health education and yoga classes

Swimming classes

Psychopedagogical Guidance

Cultural day trips and experiences

Morning child care

Parenting workshops

Kinder summer camp

School bus from P3

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