How do we understand education

The John Talabot community reflect SHARED VALUES in their daily task of educating: we understand that we are a model from which the children learn:

We learn the English language, as we believe it provides cultural richness and is the key to opening up the world in the present and future.

We have a close and personal relationship with all the members of the school’s community, we guide them to always act with respect, assertiveness and good manners in these interactions.

We support both the personal and academic needs of each student.

We are aware of the life experience of each student in order offer each family help in guiding their child.

We guide each student’s learning with the aim of maximising their potential and talent.

We believe in personalised education. Students should be evaluated according to their own standards of capabilities and abilities while instilling in them an unconditional vocation for excellence.

We instil in our students the motivation to go to school and to learn. We do this by bringing academic contents closer to the daily life of the children and relating them to class activities. The objective is for the students to be able to apply what they learn.

We believe that education is the key to overcoming inequality and to creating a better, more just and more developed society.

We are self critical and transparent: we want to keep learning and to always improve as teachers.

We work with people and this means having an open, flexible and reconciling mind-set.

We want to live together and teach others to do the same, through dialogue, consistency, integrity and honesty, always with a positive and responsible attitude.